XSpritePro is a very powerfull sprite extension to helps you manage sprites in your WysiwygWebBuilder projects. Allowing you to do some actions with a minimum javascript code, and sometimes no code at all, it is very easy to build menus, and other clikable images, with custom states
Hello World!!!
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Examples below are made without any line of code
Only 3.50 € !!!
This Extension was tested on WWB9 and WWB10
Once you make the payment the download link will be mailed to you instantly using the paypal email address and  
will be valid for 6 (Six) hours. All the products have a demo, ensure you see before you buy because there are no  
refunds. A single license of this product is valid for one user only but can be used in several domains/websites.  
Since i am not bussiness, i can't deliver any bill.

To install this extension, just unzip the archive in a temporary folder, then use the Extension Manager of  
Wysiwyg Web Builder, click the Manual install and select the XSpriteProInstall.zip file.