is just a little extension to help you to comment your work, and your generated HTML.

Description of the properties


  • Quick Memo : Equivalent to a note.

  • Design Comments : A list of comments for the design mode.

  • Design Color : the background color of the design comments

  • HTML Comment : the comment to generate in the HTML Page

  • HTML Color : the  background color of the HTML Comment in design mode


Using Just'Comment

Just drag & drop the extension on your page. On both Quick Memo and Design Comments you can use several shortcuts to display icons and color the text.

Here is the list of the icons and shortcuts.

$!$ Be carrefull
$todo$ to do
$ok$ test ok
$nok$ test not ok
$chk$ check
$:)$ happy
$:||$ angry
$r.$ red bullet
$b.$ blue bullet
$.$ green bullet
$www$ web
$bug$ bug
$lnk$ link
$*$ star
$w$ width
$h$ height
$->$ Right arrow
$<-$ Left arrow
$?$ ?
@red(your text)@ text in red color your text
@green(your text)@ text in green color your text
@blue(your text)@ text in blue color your text
@big(your text)@ text in bigger font size your text
$x$ Happy XMas
$fx$ Father XMas
$-0$ Search
$mail$ Mail


On HTML Comments, since it is pure text you can't use the above shortcuts and images. But, in order to help you to generate well formed comments, Just'Comment offers you the possibility to use the following shortcuts :

$time$ Displays the time in current locale string
$date$ Displays the date in current locale string
$user$ Displays the user



Installation and License 

  • How to install this extension so it is available in WYSIWYG Web Builder?

You can use the Extension Manager (Menu->Tools->Extension Manager) to installthis extension.
Alternatively you can manually copy all files from the zip file to the Web Builder extensions folder. Usually this folder is in this location: My documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder\system\extensions\

  • License agreement

This extension is not officially supported; it is made available as an extra service for the registered users of WYSIWYG Web Builder that find it useful. It is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

  • Requirements

WYSIWYG Web Builder 9 or higher